Introducing the new hiyacar owner hub and calendar

Big and exciting new release for all our car owners, who can now use an owner specific view in the app (the 'hiyacar owner hub') and a completely revamped availability calendar.

You can read all details on our blog.

hiyacar owner hub.png

Booking extensions made much easier

'Automated extensions' is a feature that we've had in the backlog for a long time... It's finally live in iOS and Android! Now you can easily request an extension of your live bookings from the app :-) All details about this new functionality on our blog.

extension hiyacar.jpg

Profile completion progress bar live in iOS and Android

We've released a profile completion bar for both apps, clearly indicating what information your profile is missing. This should help you set up your profile even quicker, so you're ready to make your first booking in just a few taps.

hiyacar profile completion.png

hiyacar profile completion list.png

New sign-up & on-boarding steps for our drivers

We've re-designed the sign-up and verification steps for new drivers, in both iOS and Android. Now the whole process should be easier and more intuitive.

Read more about this update on our blog.

car-sharing app sign up.jpg

Car Sharing Excess Waiver available for web & Android

Now when making a booking you can purchase our Car Sharing Excess Waiver and reduce your excess from £500 to £0. This product is perfect if you feel like you need extra peace of mind. It also provides additional benefits such as misfuelling, towing and cover for any damage to the tyres, auto glass, undercarriage and roof of the vehicle.

New active booking screen for QuickStart cars

Now the active booking screen for QuickStart cars includes a visual 5 minute countdown, to indicate that that's the time you have to start the car before the inmobiliser is rearmed. Many members had found this confusing, we hope it's much clearer now!

quickstart active booking screen.png

Fancy renting out a QuickStart car? Take a look at this recently listed Ford Focus for example.

Updates to the way we pre-authorise payments

Our payment system for drivers has just got much better. Now we pre-authorise the full amount for the first booking, and only any additional amount required for further bookings.

Find out more about this BIG update at hiyacar blog.

pre-auth alternative cars.PNG

Instant book badge!

Look out for the lightning bolt badge in some of our cars... It means that they have 'Instant book', that is, booking requests for cars with this badge are automatically ('instantly') accepted.

We believe the combination of QuickStart and Instant Book makes hiyacar easier and more convenient for everyone. At the moment only a handful of cars have Instant Book enabled, but we hope the number of them will expand more and more.

hiyacar instant book.PNG

Brand new car details page (website)

We've redesigned how the car information is presented, making it much easier to use. For example, the total price refreshes automatically on the right hand side when you enter date & time, and the owner profile section is now neat and clear. You can also easily distinguish QuickStart cars.

car details hiyacar.PNG

Check out the changes searching for cars in London, or look at this Honda Civic or this Volkswagen Golf.

Payments made super easy (iOS)

We've improved the usability of the check-out screens in our iOS app (an Android update is on its way too). Now you can easily confirm your booking details and, if you already had a payment card added, literally pay in one tap.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely hiyacar will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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